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Trey M.

Master Lopez,

This letter is long overdue. I’ve often said that Trey is a good boy and he is. I’m proud of my son for the young man he has become. On and off the matt Trey displays a black belt attitude. He is friendly, helpful, courteous, polite, responsible and his actions are with integrity: he does the right thing even when nobody’s looking. For example, unlike most kids, Try goes to school online and at home. Throughout the school week, Trey is at home alone. I allow this because I trust him. I know that Trey will be responsible enough to attend all of his classes and do his assignments, all while unsupervised and alone.

Every evening after being at the dojo for 2-4 hours, Trey knows what he needs to do. The dishes need washed after dinner, trash needs taken out, our cat needs fresh food and water, and of course, a shower is always necessary . Sometimes there’s more and sometimes there’s less but I don’t have to tell Trey to do any of it. He’s responsible enough to know what needs to be done and he gets it done.

With much pride for my son, Trey is without a doubt, well worthy of his home stripe.


Bill M.

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